About Us

Ramey Nutrition is a progressive health and wellness organization, located in Seattle’s University District and city of Shoreline.  We are a dynamic team of highly-qualified healthcare providers, who take pride in our patient-centered and cutting-edge approach.

At Ramey Nutrition, we focus on providing the highest quality care to each individual we work with. We take a practical, individualized, and holistic approach in our work to assist you in achieving your goals and overcoming the barriers that are in your way. Our training and professional background is diverse, but our specialties include eating disorder recovery, diabetes management, weight management, pediatric nutrition, and allergies.

The team at Ramey Nutrition is dedicated to action in its purest and most effective form.  We develop programs, through a purpose-driven attack, against the idea that our medical or psychological issues identify us. At Ramey Nutrition, we take you from dreaming about a life beyond your illness, to a reality of true overall health.  We utilize a variety of nutrition counseling techniques, as they relate to food, exercise, and body image, such as: clarifying nutrition myths; identifying the true meaning behind decisions made; exploring when and where a particular destructive behavior began; establishing small steps to progress towards life free from food guilt and exercise shame. We believe that our patients deserve whole lives—without the identity of their medical issues and the team at Ramey Nutrition represents that freedom.

One of our goals at Ramey Nutrition is to provide an ever-expanding evolution from disease, illness, and disorder to a life that seemed unattainable before. We are dedicated to the medical and psychological recovery of all who are ready to “own” their situation, move through the process of recovery, and powerfully enter life with purpose.

At Ramey Nutrition, we strive to follow our core values at all times. These core values are authenticity, growth, love, and responsibility. We try to incorporate these values into our lives at Ramey Nutrition. When approaching life with an attitude of authenticity, growth, love, and responsibility, our potentials can become limitless.


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